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How often do you find yourself going through the motions? Photographing the basics, getting the safe shots and not stepping out of your comfort zone…

It becomes routine.

And I know all about that. In fact, I have been hitting that wall recently. Not saying that I don’t get beautiful shots but I haven’t felt as creative as I could be. It’s a downward spiral. The more complacent you become, the less creative you feel. I have been thinking of ways to get myself back to where I want, Being Creative, so I decided to take my own advice.




Find something that inspires you personally and shoot for the joy of it. Find unique angles, surfaces and objects and just go for it! No one will judge you. Be open to creative criticism and use the advice of others to learn from and more forward. It sounds so simple. If you believe that you are a creative and you go out of your way to do creative things, your work will only improve!

Think about it. Right now, how many things are you doing (out side of your routine photo shoots) that are creative? Sadly most of us would answer nothing. It’s not like we purposely avoid being creative but sometimes our normal day to day lives take center stage. At some point you must realize that that you must create to become more creative.

¬†Other ways to become more creative is to read, bounce ideas of other people, brainstorm, and look at other people’s work (to be inspired not to copy).




So I want to invite you to the Olive Branch Bi-Weekly Create project. Every other week, we will post up a word and your job is to go out, find and photograph something that resembles that word. It can be literal, or not. It’s totally up to you! The only thing is that I want you to think about it creatively and shoot it differently than you would normally. Who is up for the challenge?? I know I am! Check the Olive Branch Collective Community group in FB to see what the challenge is for the current week.

Cheers for now – XOXO

BEING CREATIVE - the Olive Branch CollectiveStephanie


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